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The Importance of a Registered Office in a Corporate Setting

A registered office is a term that one often comes across in the corporate world. But what does it signify, and why is it so crucial?

This is the ‘official’ address of your business, it is the one to appear on your Companies House Register and is publicly available. It is compulsory to have a Registered Office Address. This is also the address of your official government correspondence. This means that all letters from HMRC, UK Courts, Companies House etc, will make their way to this address.

Following the recent Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act, from March 4th 2024 this address may no longer be a PO box. The mail delivered to this address must be met with proof of delivery and acknowledgement.

Key Facts About the Registered Office Address:

  • It is the official address of your company 
  • It can be a residential address
  • Must be based in the UK 
  • The company does not need to be based/ trade from this address
  • It is compulsory 
  • It is available on the public register

Defining a Registered Office

A registered office refers to the official address of a company or any other legal entity that has been incorporated. It is a requirement in most countries where the organization is registered. This address is used for receiving all official communications and notices from government departments, investors, banks, shareholders, and the general public.

Prerequisites for a Registered Office

The registered office must be a physical address located in the country where the company is registered. For instance, a company registered in Scotland must have a registered office address in Scotland. The address must be such that the company or someone on its behalf can be made aware of any post addressed and delivered to the company. It is also necessary that the sender can get confirmation of delivery when the company receives post at this address.

Privacy Aspects

The registered office address is publicly available on the online register. If a company does not want an address to be publicly available (for example, if it’s someone’s home), it should not use it as the company’s registered office address. Instead, it can use a different address, such as the address of an accountant or solicitor, or appoint an agent who will provide an address to use.


In conclusion, a registered office is not just an address. It is a legal requirement for incorporated entities and plays a vital role in the company’s communication with various stakeholders. Therefore, the decision of choosing the right registered office address is a significant one that every company must make.

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